The next LDEK on September 4.

Next Medical-Dental Final Examination on September 4

The next LDEK will be conducted on Saturday, September 4, 2022. Enrollment in the LDEK is made only by means of the so-called "LDEK". Medical Staff Training Monitoring System (SMK).

In order to apply, it is necessary to create an account in this system. The deed is done virtually, via the website Next, it is necessary to confirm your identity and credentials, necessary to have an account. This can be done at the locally competent District Medical Chamber or the Supreme Medical Chamber. Only dentists may take the LDEK.

For exams scheduled between September 1 and 30, the application for LDEK is submitted via the SCM by July 15.

The examination fee (PLN 100) is included in the second and subsequent applications for LDEK submitted in Polish. Application for LDEK in a foreign language is subject to a fee per application (340 PLN). The exam fee can be paid no later than 5 days after the application deadline to the individual account number generated during the application process. The account number is unique for each exam date. A person who does not pay the fee or pays it in a lower amount than due may not take the exam.

An applicant to the LDEK is required to present an identification document to the Examination Team immediately before the exam. In the absence of a document confirming the identity of the applicant, he cannot take the exam. There is no requirement to present a university diploma or the right to practice as a dentist.

The exam is a test consisting of 200 tasks (5 choices, only 1 answer is correct). Individuals taking the exam can read the instructions for solving the exam tests. CEM also provides a list of textbooks to prepare for the LDEK, suggested by national consultants. This list is indicative. The duration of the exam is 4 hours.

In case of disqualification (e.g. due to cell phone use), such a person may not take the LDEK on the next closest exam date falling after the disqualification date. Objections to exam tasks can be submitted only during the exam or immediately after the exam is over.

In order to pass the exam, it is necessary to score at least 56% of the maximum number of points from the test. The result of the LDEK does not constitute a decision within the meaning of the Code of Administrative Procedure. Therefore, it is not subject to appeal under the rules set forth in this Code. The result of the LDEK is communicated to individuals via the SCM and is also listed on the CEM website.

To a person who has taken the exam, the Director of the CEM issues a certificate of LDEK submission within 21 days from the date of taking the exam. This certificate is sent by registered mail to the address provided in the electronic application for the exam.

A person who did not receive a passing score on the LDEK or who took it with an unsatisfactory result may re-take the exam on another date. It is then necessary to resubmit the application using the SCM.

Knowledge of the principles of dealing with patients with hemostatic disorders is of great importance, especially for dentists performing invasive procedures. How to conduct a medical interview before such treatment? Replies Dr. n. med. Magdalena Górska-Kosicka from the Hemostasis Disorders and Internal Diseases Clinic of the IHIT in Warsaw.

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