Align Technology invites you to Invisalign Scientific Symposium 2021

Align Technology invites you to Invisalign Scientific Symposium 2022

Align Technology (NASDAQ: ALGN), a leading global medical device manufacturer that designs, manufactures and supplies the Invisalign clear tray system, iTero intraoral scanners and exocad CAD/CAM software used in digital orthodontics and restorative dentistry, has announced that the next edition of the Invisalign Scientific Symposium (Invisalign Scientific Symposium) will be held on July 2-3. Organized in an online format, the event will provide a unique opportunity for orthodontists in the EMEA region to learn about the scientific innovations behind the Invisalign system, as well as gain the latest clinical knowledge from leading orthodontic experts.

The program of Invisalign Scientific Symposium 2022 includes three key topics:

  • – The effectiveness and efficiency of Invisalign overlays compared to fixed braces, especially in terms of predictability, stability and treatment outcomes.
  • – The role of orthodontics in maintaining the oral and mental health of growing patients, with a focus on quality of life and patient satisfaction, pain perception, and the impact of braces on oral hygiene.
  • – Opportunities offered by treatment with clear overlays including maxillary expansion, Class III occlusions, multidisciplinary approaches and ancillary techniques.

Keynote speeches will feature global clinical experts, including Prof. Juan Carlos Rivero Lesmes From Spain, who will give a lecture entitled "The. "Effectiveness and biomechanics of transparent overlays". Dr. Meiya Gao from China will discuss quality of life issues for patients: "Comparison of pain perception, treatment anxiety and oral health-related quality of life in patients using clear trays and fixed appliances at the initial stage of orthodontic treatment.".

In turn Dr. Regina Blevins from the United States will speak on oral hygiene among growing patients, comparing fixed braces and the Invisalign system. The symposium will also feature Prof. Luca Levrini From Italy, whose main focus is treating younger patients. Professor Levrini will give a lecture titled "The impact of orthodontic appliances. "Jaw expansion with the Invisalign First system in mixed dentition, pre- and post-treatment predictability.".

One of the key speakers at the upcoming symposium will be Dr. Tommaso Castroflorio (Italy). In his lecture, he will address the issue of overlay deformation and consider whether orthodontic movements are just a result of the use of attachments and whether overlay deformation can be predicted in Class II and open bite treatment.

The professor will introduce participants to some Invisalign G8 features related to the deformation of the overlays. – As orthodontists, we are aware that when we place an overlay on the teeth, it bounces back to its original position and original shape – then force is transmitted to the teeth, causing orthodontic movement. The greater the deformation, the greater the activation force produced by the overlays. This is the reason to work with Invisalign SmartForce material – says Tommaso Costroflorio.

Last year's first edition of the EMEA Invisalign Scientific Symposium was a huge success, so as representatives of Align Technology in EMEA, we look forward to welcoming participants and speakers to the next virtual installment of our event. From the outset, the scientific team behind the event was careful to select the best global research and clinical content that is relevant to the orthodontist. During the two-day Symposium, speakers will address topics such as how innovations that are part of Align's work in digital orthodontics and affect predictability and treatment efficiency. The sessions will cover a variety of clinical cases with the ultimate goal of improving the oral and overall health of patients. In addition, Align has partnered for the first time with the European Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, which will hold a scientific poster presentation focused on the growing patient. We look forward to welcoming all doctors to this world-class event – comments Dr. Michael Davidson, director of. EMEA clinical and professional education at Align Technologiy.

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